​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

Program Impact

The impact of our programs will vary for each life that we touch.  We can only hope that our efforts will change lives for the better and offer a platform from which people can grow.

​The "O" in Hope Ranch is for obedience. Many people are down and out because they are suffering from the consequences of rebellion. Rebellion leads to all kinds of dysfunction whether it's at work, school, or at home with parents or a spouse, God, or any other authority. Rebellion in a horse leads to a very dangerous situation. We use horses to illustrate the difference in the direction in one's life when choosing wisdom in obedience or destruction of rebellion.

​We teach skills in recognizing "safe people and safe horses". Trust is earned, but respect is how we treat all people and animals regardless of how they treat us.

​We help people to understand that it is not what happens to you that determines your destiny. It is what you "DO" about it that really counts. We seek to help others reach their full potential and to become great leaders in their homes, schools, communities and work place. The horses allow us to teach real life lessons and build relationships with people. This gives us the opportunity to positively influence them and give them reasons to have "Hope".

​America has seen a rise in teen suicides, bullying, divorce, anti-depressant and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, addictions of many kind and juvenile delinquency. While we don't claim to be able to solve these problems, we are not a rehab center, we do provide a place of hope, healing and acceptance.

​No matter the struggle, we embrace each individual for who they are and provide a safe environment for them to grow and discover their own talents and abilities. We help people to focus on their dreams and not disappointments.