About Hope Kids Utah

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing Hope to families that have kids with cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions (cystic fibrosis, kidney disease, some congenital heart defects, just to name a few).  We bring them hope by arranging regular, highly-anticipated events so our kids always have something on the calendar to look forward to.  For so many of these kids, it's the treatment that presents the real challenge. For them to be able to look ahead and say "if I can make it through this chemotherapy, I can go to Disney on Ice", or a movie, or some other fantastic activity, this can give that little extra to keep them from giving up.

Hope Kids Event

​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

(written by Abbie -  one of our volunteers)

Hope Kids is for children fighting life-threatening illnesses, rare are the days when they can laugh and play like other kids. Hope Kids believes that by bringing joy to these remarkable children via an ongoing schedule of special events and activities we can help cultivate hope, acceptance, and most importantly the will to live. 

The day was full of fun, smiles, and lasting memories. The two kids I remember the most are Abigail and Natasha. They didn’t want to get on the horses at first, but once they were riding they didn’t want to get off. These two girls are twin sisters and are 4 years old, but I thought they were only about 1. Well, I was surprised after talking to their mom. They are the only identical twins in the world with Down syndrome and leukemia. On July 2nd, they were featured on KSL.com in a story “Strangers come to the aid of special needs twins stricken with cancer”.

It was interesting that I already knew about them and had told others too.  

We had food, horse back riding, roping, and smiles all around.