​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

I grew up riding horse out in Draper on the mountains. My grandfather would take us quite often and pay for us to ride for an hour while he waited for us back at the corral. My favorite horse to ride was Old Red.  

I found Terri and Hope Ranch through my mom. I thought I found what I had been looking for as to do something more. I wanted to do 

something different and to help. So I arranged to go on a horse back riding adventure with Terri. My sister, Kali, and my mom also came along for the ride.  

After meeting Terri and discussing her organization with her, I signed up to take the horsemanship lessons with her  to be able to become a 

volunteer. It is a win-win all around  I am working with horses, learning a lot about them and myself and at the same time volunteering at Hope Ranch. 

For 5 years now, I have helped with different group throughout the year that are looking for a different way to help heal those they are involved with helping from kids in foster care, to kids whose parents have neglected them, to ones who have been abused, and everything in between.