Diamond Rio is a Percheron/Quarter Horse mix. He came to Hope Ranch in July 2015 & he was 1 year old. We call him Rio and he is playful, gentle horse and he was sent here from Idaho to be sold. After working with him, the volunteers at Hope Ranch purchased him and he now has a permanent home here. 
Johanna is a Friesian filly who was born on May 16, 2011. She came to Hope Ranch when she was 8 months old and she is the most lovable horse ever. She is every little girl's dream horse and she is a beautiful gentle giant that builds the riders confidence and leaves them with a big smile.
Pinestar is a 19 year old, dark brown Morgan who never acts his age. Before he came to Terri's, he was kept in a small stable and was almost never ridden. As a result of all his pent up energy, there was a riding accident with his owner that left her with a broken hip and a horse she needed to move. His owner was referred to Terri which resulted in him having a new home at Hope Ranch Ministries. Years later, his owner was no longer able to afford to pay his rent and started looking for potential buyers. He is now owned by the volunteer, Kailyn, who has been riding him for four years. He's a great horse for beginners and is always getting into mischief, but is sweet to all he meets. 
Mufasa is a beautiful Right brain extrovert. He's scared of everything but he has learned to master his fear. He has a 20 year relationship with Terri and he has complete trust in her leadership. Mufasa was born into the Hope Ranch family and he the "cream of the crop" absolutely amazing. He is safe, trustworthy, and incredibly willing to please. 
Bubbles is a 15 year old paint Quarter Horse. She came to Hope Ranch in the summer of 2013. She had been part of guided hunting pack string and was worked incredibly hard. When she first arrived at Hope Ranch she had no desire to be caught or be anywhere near people. Now Bubbles is one of the first horses to come running. She loves girls and is trustworthy and safe to ride. She is sweet and beautiful. ​

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Our Horses


Tikka came to Hope Ranch in 2009 as a wild horse. She was very young and frightened, unable to even be haltered. Tikka has learned to face her fears and trust, becoming a very useful horse. She is not playful, a bit on the serious side, and a little bossy. She has come a long way and has taught many about the importance of not running from fears but overcoming them instead.

​​​​​Diamond Rio - "Rio