Using horses to transform lives​; imparting hope, love and purpose to individuals as we assist them in the discovery and use of their God given talents and abilities. We are a faith based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that allows people from all denominations and backgrounds to have a place where they can find a meaningful, deep connection with horses and God and develop lasting friendships. We encourage them to rise above the tragedies of life and find ways to use their abilities to serve society. Those who learn to serve do not doubt their place in the world.

Who are we?

Why was Hope Ranch started?

I started Hope Ranch because I love horses and the hope and healing they have brought to my broken heart on my journey through life. I've had horses my entire life and my first heartbreak was when i was 10 years old and my 6 year old sister died of brain cancer. My horse was the one I could pour my heart out to and cry in his shoulder. He probably didn't understand but the way he bent his neck towards me felt like a hug. The smell of horses is a comfort smell for me and I have been incredibly blessed to own land and horses and I wanted to share horses and Gods love with hurting people. 

​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

Hope Ranch got it's name because of an 18 year old autistic girl named Laura. Laura is the only autistic girl to officially pass the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 1 assessment. She came to the ranch simply because she loved horses and wanted to learn to ride and care for them. She fell in love with an Ameican Saddlebred at the ranch named Ollie. She wanted to own him so we let her adopt him and pay $35.00 a month for "ownership". Laura took lessons weekly for a couple years and one summer while on a ride with me and a few of the other girls, Laura said, "you are my only friends and you should call this place Hope Ranch",. I asked her why and she said,"because it gives people hope" that is how we got our name.

How did Hope Ranch get its name?