​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

I have always loved horses and I started riding lessons at Hope Ranch Ministries when I was 8 years old.
A few important things I have learned at Hope Ranch is that it's not just about riding the horses:
  • It's also about having a connection with them and bond with the horse.
  • I also learned that there is a lot of responsibility in taking care of horses.
  • Another thing I have learned is having a good work ethic. This is important when taking care of horses because of all the different things you have to do for example, cleaning the corrals, help feeding the horses, training and caring for the horses.
  • The last thing I have learned from being at Hope Ranch is helping others and not make everything about yourself. After 3 years of being at Hope Ranch Terri rescued a brown and white paint Fox Trotter, I really liked her and Terri told me that we could buy her... and so we did. I named her Sonadora which means dreamer in Spanish but we call her Sona for short. I have owned her for 3 years now and I really enjoy my time at Hope Ranch and I have made some friends there and I would like to stay for as long as possible.