Program Goals

​​​Using horses to transform lives, imparting hope, and healing

Our program goals include:

​Provide a positive, safe and structured equestrian environment for inner city teens and adults. Particularly those in crisis, including victims of abuse, personal tragedy, feelings of hopelessness, terminally ill, and disadvantaged.

​Teach Natural Horsemanship which is based on love, language, and leadership instead of fear, mechanics and intimidation. Participants learn safety with horses and build a connection with horses.

Change lives through the interaction with horses, ranch work, positive mentoring, and prayer.

​Provide horseback rides to individuals and groups from various organizations, so that they can experience the peace that nature and horses can bring to their lives.

​Empower individuals with the courage to let go of their pain, to forgive and move from a victim mentality of blame and self pity, to rising above the adversity of their circumstances and providing motivation to pursue their dreams.